Fleet Management

Managing your mobile fleet from job-to-job, location-to-location is sometimes difficult to do effectively. Many fleets are faced with high demands, high fuel costs and lack ...

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Asset Tracking

To keep track of your assets and equipment along with their current status, you need timely and detailed information including location and speed. Without this ...

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Trailer Management

When a trailer is lost, stolen or missing it can have a serious impact on your business. AC Global Systems’ trailer tracking product will give ...

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AC Global Systems

AC Global Systems offers GPS fleet, asset, equipment and trailer management solutions throughout North America that will generate 24/7 business intelligence to provide companies like yours the power to detect and eliminate waste and inefficiencies in their daily operations. Public and private fleets of all sizes can benefit from GPS tracking with fleet owners saving time and money while reducing their overall impact on the environment.


I am pleased to provide a testimonial as a new user of the AC Global System fleet management GPS system (spring 2013).

The reasons we implemented the AC Global System were varied but include the following:
• Safety – to enhance the ability to locate and dispatch staff quickly. As in many small municipalities, our staff often works alone and the ability to track vehicles as well as to determine non-movement for significant periods is a safety procedure enhancement.
• Environmental – data regarding idling time, speed, distance, routing is available and reduction in greenhouse gases is potentially increased (Carbon Neutral Plan Goals).
• Asset Control – data to allow better scheduling of maintenance is available thus extending the asset life and reducing costs over time.
• Mindfulness –more awareness of the use and treatment of the asset.

The system is very user friendly and was productive within a week of implementation. Reports may be developed and tailored to specific uses easily. We chose AC Global for its features and benefits; however, being able to access local assistance as well as supporting a regional business is also satisfying.
Municipal Chief Administrative Officer
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